Allies in Action: ECHOage helps kids Stand Up for Kids!

When Nevo turned 7, he made a big decision: instead of just getting lots of toys he may not need for his birthday, he wanted to make a difference and help improve the lives of children and youth growing up in the child welfare system. His parents organized an ECHOage party so that Nevo could have a good time and donate to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. Nevo recently turned 10 and hosted another ECHOage party in support of the Foundation, so we sat down and asked him a few questions.

Why did you choose Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada for your ECHOage birthday party?

The Foundation does amazing work and, for all we know, one of the kids they serve could be one of the best next leaders of this world. Helping out these kids may mean that, in the future, they can make a difference, too.

With your help, children and youth in Canada who have experienced or live at risk of becoming involved in the child welfare system will have access to the supports they need in the way they need it most! If you could help to create change for these kids, what would you choose to do?

I would choose to give them more privileges. Their stories make them who they are so I wouldn’t want to change that. But I would want them to get more funding so they can get what they need and want to become successful in school and life.

What inspires you to keep donating to the Foundation, year after year?

What inspires me is learning about the many children who can benefit from the funds we donate.

What do your friends/family say when they find out that you don’t want gifts but instead want them to Stand Up for Kidsby making donations to the Foundation?

My friends and family want to support me and this great cause. Many of my friends use ECHOage to donate to causes they believe in. It’s also neat to learn about the causes your friends find meaningful and for them to learn about what’s meaningful to you.

What do you like most about ECHOage?

With ECHOage, I get some of my gifts as money but I also get to help others by donating the second half of my gift. It’s really nice toknow that it’s so easy to help kids, and I recommend it to anyone who is celebrating a birthday or a big occasion soon.


ECHOage is an online service that turns your birthday’s and celebrations into a way to help Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada help children and youth gain the strength and resilience to create a lifetime of their own unstoppable successes. Kids get the gifts they want and learn the importance of giving back – in a fun and easy way!

ECHOage provides:

  • Free online invitation
  • secure gift and charity giving
  • RSVP manager
  • Thank you notes & so much more

Join Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s to Stand Up for Kids and help improve the lives of children and youth growing up in the child welfare system by ECHOaging your party today!

Are you feeling inspired to join the Stand Up for Kids movement in your workplace, school, or community? Click on the link below to find our fundraising toolkit and other resources to help you get started. Host an event today.

We love hearing about Stand Up for Kids Allies making a difference in their communities and supporting children and youth in and from child welfare! Contact us to share your or your group’s story.