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Visit Fostering Community, a platform of curated resources for Canada’s youth from care community.

Fostering Community is a free online youth digital resource for Canada’s youth in and from care featuring important posts and information. The resource also offers links to opportunities such as scholarships, employment programs, budgeting tips and much more.

After hearing from youth with lived child welfare experience about the need for a “one-stop resource shop”, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada developed Fostering Community to provide free and accessible curated content to youth in and from care that is generated by the child welfare and youth-serving sector across Canada. Through Fostering Community, youth can search and save for content that is important to them.

Visit Fostering Community

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Meet Justin

“Youth from care are often put into the same category; I don’t think enough attention is given to the fact that situations vary so much for them. Within the general public, it’s important for people to know that even though youth may have been placed with a stable foster family, they still need support. Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada was able to support me in terms of educational funding.”