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our national partner network

We work with 104 child- and youth-serving agencies in nearly every province and territory of Canada to fund and deliver high-impact programs and services for children, youth, and families involved with the child welfare system.

Partnerships with child- and youth-serving organizations are essential in helping us achieve impact for the populations we serve.

Our longest-standing relationship is with our founding partner, the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.

Our partners and grantees nationwide use the funds we raise to benefit young people and families involved with the child welfare system, helping us reach as many children and youth as possible and learn about their needs. We also work together with partners to co-design impactful new programs for our priority populations.

Our partners and grantees report back on the impact of the funds provided to them, helping us ensure donations are creating the greatest possible impact and secure additional funds.

About our Partners and Grantees
To become a Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada partner or grantee, an organization must be a qualified donee or connected with an organization that is a qualified donee and could act as a trustee.

Our funding relationships with partners and grantees must advance at least one of our intended impacts for the populations we serve.

Partners are organizations that the Foundation works with or funds through one of the following:

  • Foundation Flagship Initiative – existing evidence-based programs that are proven to be driving towards positive impacts.
  • Co-Design Initiative – the result of working collaboratively with the Foundation and donors to design an initiative to produce a particular intended impact.

Grantees are organizations that receive funds from the Foundation outside of Foundation Flagship Initiatives to help children, youth, and families.

Interested in becoming a partner or grantee?

If your agency is interested in receiving funds from Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada to help you make a difference for the children, youth, and families you serve, please fill out the form linked below and/or join our email list for prospective partners. This will help us learn about your organization and the populations you serve so that we can explore potential partnership opportunities.

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