Allies in Action: Camp Manitou

Four children pulling really hard on a rope like they are one half of tug-of-war

Camp Manitou, in Parry Sound, is helping young people develop leadership, empathy, responsibility and an appreciation for social and civic action by teaching them about giving back to their communities and standing up for what they believe in. This year, we were honoured to be chosen as Camp Manitou’s recipient charity.

In April 2019, Camp Manitou held a tribute event in honour of David Sheffe, former Camp Manitou Director, called “Dedicated to David”. David’s passion for helping kids grow and reach their fullest potential through camp was celebrated and raised a total of $15,000. This donation will impact the lives of a number of children in the child welfare system by providing them with the opportunity to attend summer camp.

On a beautiful July night, Camp Manitou gathered for their weekly Friday Night Fireside where campers and staff join at the lake to discuss this year’s theme: “Don’t Stand By”. Campers learned what it means to grow up in foster care and how they can support kids who are involved in the child welfare system and take action to give back to their community.

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada was thrilled to have the opportunity to send one of our staff members and dedicated volunteers to speak about the work we do and why children and youth who are involved in the child welfare system need our support. As campers and staff learned about the 63,000 children and youth living in care across Canada and how they do not have the same opportunities as their peers, like attending summer camp, the campers were inspired to take action.

Thank you, Camp Manitou, for standing up for kids!

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