Allies in Action: Fundraising Over the Holidays

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Holiday Campaign

The 2020 holiday season looked very different from what any of us are used to, but we are so grateful to see that the support of our allies and donors remains strong as they Stand Up for Kids through the most difficult times. This year, we saw $354,512 raised in support of our Holiday Campaign to help bring joy to children and youth in and from the child welfare system. The holiday season can be an especially difficult time of year as young people in and from care face increased levels of stress and loneliness.

Check out these exciting numbers from the Campaign:

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Holiday Fundraising

Here are just a few examples of holiday peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives that were organized. They’re all great ideas for fundraisers that can be held at any time during the year!

Tutsch Family Holiday Party

Since 2017, the Tutsch family has supported the Foundation through their annual holiday party where guests have the opportunity to make donations. Being unable to host an in-person event this year, they decided to engage their network by sending customized Foundation e-cards to family and friends and ended up raising an incredible $12,335! Thank you!

We are thrilled to see people using our holiday e-cards to send well wishes and also to do some fundraising. Our community supporters are finding new and creative fundraising strategies during the pandemic!

FUSE Create

Fuse Create has supported the Foundation’s Holiday Campaign for 10 years, since 2011! This year they put together a week of fundraising activities, including auctioning off the talents of staff members. From baked goods, cooking classes, and meal preparation done for you, to guitar lessons, knitting tutorials, and more, the team raised over$5,700. Thank you, FUSE Create team!

“FUSE Create loves raising funds for the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. You care for our most precious gifts… so it’s natural we should rally behind your Foundation. We host a week full of fundraising activities which allows our team to come together, celebrate the season and give back. 2020 meant we also had to do such fundraising from the comfort of our houses over screens, but we did it. Our team created home-made experiences to ensure we are here for Children’s Aid. It’s our honor to show our respect and appreciation for the work you do for Canadian children.” – Stephen Brown, CEO. FUSE Create

Holiday Bike Challenge

On December 12, two members of our Holiday Campaign Committee, Stuart Johnson and Michael Homer, organized a Stationary Bike Challenge to raise critical funds. With over 35 people making up eight teams, family, friends, and coworkers completed a 12-hour bike ride in the comfort of their own homes. Together they raised over $25,000 and biked over 1,750 kilometers. Thank you to everyone who participated! Learn more.

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BOMA Toronto Holiday Social

This year, BOMA Toronto held their first virtual Holiday Social and networking event to connect their staff, clients, and friends while celebrating the season and reflecting on the year. BOMA Toronto has supported Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada since 1996. To raise funds, proceeds from every ticket were donated and a raffle was held, and donations could be made to receive additional chances to win great prizes.

“BOMA Toronto has supported The Children’s Aid Foundation since 1996. It’s a partnership and a tradition that we hold dear. Each year, a Youth Ambassador shares their personal journey, inspires our attendees, and connects us in a meaning-full way to the significance and impact that receiving donations like ours can have on a scholarship recipient. We are deeply honored to have played a very small role in helping such amazing young people work toward realizing their dreams!” –Susan Allen, President and CEO, BOMA Toronto

Overall, almost $8,000 was raised. Thank you BOMA Toronto!

In addition to our individual and group donors and fundraisers, we saw an incredible commitment made by our Holiday Season Celebration Committee and Holiday Fundraising Committee who helped make our virtual Holiday Season Celebration a reality this year. Thanks to their hard work, fundraising, and dedication to standing up for kids, over 2,137 children, youth, and families were supported with grocery gift cards, gifts, and were able to dial in to our virtual Holiday Season Celebration, a digital variety show.

Looking for ways to get involved and help raise funds to support Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada along with your family, friends, or coworkers? Check out our fundraising page for tips and tools to help get you started!