How AMJ’s Move Month moves for a cause – helping children and youth in and from child welfare

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For over 85 years, trusted moving company AMJ Campbell has excelled in ensuring smooth transitions, whether it’s a local move or a global one. Beyond their proficiency in making moves effortless, AMJ Campbell holds a deep commitment to a cause that’s truly dear to their hearts: Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. AMJ Campbell’s annual initiative, Move Month, is leaving a profound impact on the lives of young people and families affected by the child welfare system.

Move Month’s impact:

Since 2019, AMJ Campbell and Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada have partnered for Move Month, which takes place each October. For every move or home delivery in October, AMJ Campbell donates part of their proceeds to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. These funds enable Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada to implement high-impact programs, addressing the specific needs of children and youth in government care, families at-risk of entering child welfare and youth transitioning out of care.

The impact of Move Month is incredible. In 2020, $70,000 was raised, and in 2021, it grew to an impressive $100,000. Last year in 2022, $130,000 was raised! These funds make a positive change in the lives of children and youth involved in the child welfare system. Support is directed at strengthening families to ensure fewer children grow up in government care and empowering children in care through education, providing tutoring, technology access, and funding for essential needs. Support also aids youth transitioning out of care through vital support in education, employment, housing, and basic needs, enabling them to build independent, successful lives.

volunteers packing kits
AMJ and Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada team members during 2023’s Move Month, working together to develop resources for children in care.

You can make a difference by hiring AMJ for your moving needs during Move Month, donating to the Foundation at or using the hashtag #MoveMonth on social media to raise awareness. For more details and to get involved, visit AMJ’s website.

Together, we can create a better future for the children and families that have experienced the child welfare system. Join us in making moves that truly matter.

About AMJ Campbell

AMJ Campbell is a renowned name in the moving industry, helping people and businesses move locally and globally. Their expert teams ensure that each move is seamless, and their commitment to excellence extends beyond logistics. AMJ Campbell has been a steadfast partner of Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, providing support to children, youth, and families that have experienced the child welfare system.

About Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is the leading charity in Canada dedicated to advocating for children and families involved in the child welfare system. We raise funds, collaborate with child- and youth-serving agencies, and deliver high-impact programs and services. Last year, we supported over 15,000 children, youth, and families, making a significant difference in their lives.