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Something in common

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is delighted to announce the release of Something in Common, a new children’s e-book created in partnership with Tsehay from The Wiggles and young people in and from government care!

You can download your own free copy of Something in Common today. With every download, our generous supporter AMJ Campbell will donate $1 to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada to help improve the lives of young people in and from care.

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We all have something in common!

Leo and Tsehay

Exploring the different types of family structures commonly experienced by young people involved with the child welfare system, Something in Common has a powerful message at its core: that although some families may look different, they’re no less real or loving.

The book also helps readers learn more about Tsehay, the Yellow Wiggle!

In Something in Common, Tsehay is a counsellor at Camp Wiggles. On the first day of camp, she meets Leo –– a new camper who is feeling lonely and worries he won’t fit in. Tsehay tells Leo that making new friends can be a little easier when you find things you have in common.

Tsehay shares with Leo that she was born in Ethiopia, where she had a birth mom who wanted to keep her safe and placed her in an orphanage. That’s where she met her parents, who adopted her and brought her to her new home in Australia. Now, Tsehay is happy to be the yellow Wiggle and loves to dance!

After learning Tsehay’s story and realizing they have something in common, Leo starts to feel better and agrees to meet other campers. 

Throughout the book, Tsehay introduces Leo to other young people whose families are just like his: unique and special in their own way. Through their stories, readers learn about concepts like kinship care, foster care, group homes, and adoption –– all family structures commonly experienced by children living in government care.

To support your reading experience, we have also created a special companion guide offering an overview of child welfare in Canada and a glossary of terms. The companion guide is free and available with every download of Something in Common!

How Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada supports kids in care

Group of children smiling and sitting on playground equipment

Whether they’re living in kinship care, foster care, a group home, or any other family arrangement, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is committed to ensuring every child involved with the child welfare system has access to the resources and supports they need to truly thrive.

As Canada’s leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of kids in and from government care, we raise and grant funds and develop high-impact programs that are delivered in partnership with over 100 child- and youth-serving agencies nationwide.

The programs we fund, design, and deliver all focus on one or more of our three priority populations: children and families at risk, children living in government care, and young people transitioning out of care.

For young people like Leo and his new friends, support from the Foundation could mean the opportunity to connect with a caring adult mentor, access to tutoring, scholarships, or bursaries, a chance to enroll in enriching sports or arts programs, and so much more. Learn more about the different types of programs and funds we support.

We rely entirely on the generosity of caring people across Canada to deliver life-changing programs and services to kids and families involved with the child welfare system. If you would like to help change the lives of the young people we serve, please consider donating online. You can also connect with us at 416-923-0924 or [email protected].

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Looking for more ways to help?

 If you’ve been inspired by Something in Common and you’re wondering what else you can do to help, check out these suggestions!

  • Tell your family and friends! Share this link with your network to encourage your loved ones to download their own copy of Something in Common. Remember: With every new download, AMJ Campbell will donate $1 to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada!
  • Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #SomethinginCommon.
  • Donate to support children and youth in and from care.
  • Read about Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and find out how you can get involved as an ally or volunteer.

Most of all, keep reading! By learning about child welfare and the experiences of young people in and from care, you’re helping to break down barriers and build a more caring, compassionate society for us all. We’re so grateful. 

Thank you to our generous supporters AMJ Campbell, CIBC Foundation and TPH as well as our media partners Corus Entertainment Inc., and Rogers Sports & Media for helping to bring Something in Common to life!

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