Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Post-Secondary Education Program

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Troy, youth ambassador and scholarship recipient.

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Through the generosity of our donors, hundreds of scholarships and bursaries are granted directly from the Foundation to individuals each year across the country.

In addition to the national Post-Secondary Education Program administered by our staff, the Foundation provides grants to numerous partner agencies throughout Canada to provide education-related supports to students at all stages of their educational journeys.

When the Post-Secondary Education Program was launched in 1995, $15,000 was awarded to nine students in the Toronto area. Now, each year we grant approximately $1.5 million to about 500 post-secondary students across Canada.

The National Post-Secondary Education Program grants funds according to the following key areas of need:


Funded by private donors, scholarships are awarded through an annual competitive review process using the criteria of individual attributes, academic achievement, personal contribution, and potential for success.


Funded by private donors, bursary applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the school year from students pursuing either part-time or full-time studies. This funding is available to students who meet the eligibility criteria and who demonstrate financial need.

BMO Capital Markets Equity Through Education Program

In 2020, BMO Capital Markets welcomed Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada to join their Equity Through Education Program.

Equity Through Education is a charitable initiative aimed at creating a more diverse workplace by offering support to help bright, deserving people realize their educational ambitions by giving them opportunities they might not otherwise have. In the first year of this partnership, BMO Capital Markets supported 30 scholarships and 30 bursary students through Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s National Post-Secondary Education Program.

HSBC National Transformation Project

Launched in 2015, the HSBC Bank Canada National Transformation Project provides a range of critical and flexible education-related supports, all designed to ensure students can succeed in their academic journey. Supports include bursaries, career related supplies and training, mental and physical health resources, and more.

Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund

Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarships are available for young people in Canada with experience in government care who are starting their first post-secondary education program. Learn more in our For Youth section.

2022-2023 Post-Secondary Education Program Report

  • Algonquin Capital Scholarships
  • Allan Rose Scholarship
  • Amanda and John Sherrington Scholarship
  • AMJ Scholarships
  • Arnold Family Scholarship
  • Arup Scholarships
  • Azrieli Foundation Scholarships
  • Barrett Leech Scholarships
  • Barry Brace Memorial Scholarships
  • Bay Street Children’s Foundation Scholarships
  • Belsher Family Scholarships
  • Berman Family Scholarship
  • Block Family Scholarships
  • BMO Capital Markets Scholarships
  • BMW Group Financial Services Canada Scholarship
  • BOLT Charitable Foundation Scholarships
  • BOMA Toronto Scholarship
  • Butt Quigley Family Scholarship
  • Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms Scholarship
  • Charles and Tristan Falk Scholarship
  • Christopher J. Stringer Scholarship
  • Clemintine Grant Scholarship
  • Cookie & Stephen Sandler Scholarships
  • Corsage Project – Carole Atkins and Rhona Sallay Scholarship
  • Cottam Family Scholarships
  • Crux Capital Scholarships
  • David and Molly Bloom Scholarships
  • Dawn McDowell Memorial Scholarship
  • de Verteuil-Glover Family Scholarship
  • Dottori-Attanasio (Darius) Scholarship
  • Dottori-Attanasio (Jared) Scholarship
  • Dottori-Attanasio (Kezia) Scholarship
  • Dottori-Attanasio (Siena) Scholarship
  • Dr. Beverley A. Lee Scholarship
  • Dr. Paul D. Steinhauer Memorial Scholarships
  • Drynan Family Scholarship
  • Dubczak Family Scholarship
  • Eleanor A. MacNaughtan Memorial Scholarships
  • Element Fleet Management Scholarship
  • E.R. Macdonald Memorial Scholarship
  • Evans Family Scholarship
  • Exshaw Family Scholarships
  • Factor – Inwentash Family Scholarships
  • Falconer Family Scholarship
  • Finastra Scholarship
  • Fine Family Scholarship
  • Fortier Family Scholarship
  • Frank Buckley Memorial Scholarship
  • Fred and Donna Leslie Foundation Scholarships
  • Freedman Family Scholarships
  • Friedrichsen Cooper Family Scholarship
  • Gaetano Amato Memorial Scholarship
  • Geist Family Scholarship
  • Gerry Schwartz Scholarships
  • Gibson Family Scholarship
  • Gilbert Polevoy Family Scholarship
  • Gluckstein-Sarantopoulos Family Scholarship
  • Gordon Kirke Scholarship
  • Gossling Family Scholarship
  • Grammie Project Scholarships
  • Griggs Family Scholarships
  • Hazel Quigley Scholarship
  • Hildred Family Scholarship
  • Hoffman-La Roche Scholarship
  • Ilan Levy Post-Graduate Scholarships
  • Ivari Scholarships
  • J and F Bowman Scholarship
  • Jack Darville Scholarship
  • James C. Johnson Scholarship
  • James D. Patterson Scholarship
  • Janet McDonald Memorial Scholarships
  • Joe Carter Scholarships
  • Joe Carter Scholarship (In Memory of Charlie Ireton)
  • Jordyn Freedman Rudson Scholarship
  • June B. Bolger Scholarship
  • JVS Toronto/Freedman Educational Funds
  • Karry Family Scholarship
  • Lampard Brady Family Scholarship
  • Lassonde/Gibbens Family Scholarship
  • Lewis Family Scholarship
  • Lucie Liang Scholarship
  • Lucille O’Keefe Scholarship
  • Lynn Belzberg Scholarship
  • Malka Green Memorial Scholarship
  • Manulife Scholarships
  • Margaret Hincks Scholarships
  • Marie Chan Memorial Scholarship
  • Mark Hilson Scholarships
  • Martha and Mike Pedersen Scholarship
  • McCann Family Scholarships
  • Medalist Capital Scholarship
  • Michael O’Sullivan Scholarships
  • Midlane Williams Scholarship
  • Milne Family Scholarship
  • Nandha Naidoo Memorial Scholarship
  • O’Connor Dawe Scholarship
  • Ohayon Family Scholarship
  • Olivia Thompson Scholarship
  • Oriole Scholarships
  • OTSS Amanda and John Sherrington Centennial Scholarship
  • OTSS BMO Financial Group George Brown Scholarship
  • OTSS BMO Financial Group Humber Scholarship
  • OTSS Dr. Stephen Charles Maitland Dunn Memorial Scholarship
  • OTSS Dr. Stephen Maitland Dunn Entrance Awards
  • OTSS Leith Family Centennial Scholarship
  • OTSS Milne Family George Brown Scholarship
  • OTSS Storey Family Centennial Scholarship
  • OTSS Storey Family Humber Scholarship
  • Paul Hurley Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul Sandhu Memorial Scholarship
  • Polar Foundation Scholarships
  • Raman Family Scholarships
  • Rastogi-Drexler Scholarships
  • Robertson-Percy Scholarship
  • Ron Poizner Memorial Scholarships
  • Rose M. Patten & Tom Di Giacomo Scholarship
  • Sabourin Family Foundation Scholarships
  • Sanjeev Malhotra Scholarship
  • Sheilagh B. Johnson Scholarship
  • Sheilagh and Peter Johnson Bursary Fund
  • Sheryl and Eric Berke Scholarship
  • St-Onge Family Scholarship
  • Storey Family Scholarships
  • Susan and Leonard Asper and Family Scholarship
  • The Amanda and John Scholarship in honour of Charlie Sault
  • The Amanda and John Scholarship in honour of John Macintyre
  • The Amanda and John Scholarship in honour of Josh Hellyer
  • The Four Oaks Foundation Scholarships
  • The Hoffman Family Scholarship
  • The Jeffrey Neiman Memorial Scholarship Award
  • The Keg Spirit Foundation Scholarships
  • The Mongeau Family Scholarship
  • The Partridge Family Scholarship
  • The Sabrina Roy Scholarship
  • The Segal Family Scholarship
  • Tory Family Scholarship
  • University Women’s Club, Toronto Scholarships

Would you like to support the Post-Secondary Education Program?

If you are interested in helping a deserving student receive a post-secondary education, please contact Sarah Nanacsik, Senior Manager, Major Gifts, at [email protected] or 416-923-0924 extension 250 for more details on the following options:

  • A pledge of $28,750 over five years ($5,750 per year) to create a scholarship in your name that will provide post-secondary education supports for one student each year
  • A gift of $125,000 to create a permanent legacy by establishing an endowed scholarship in your name that will be invested to create a scholarship providing post-secondary supports for one youth every year for generations to come
  • A gift of $5,750 to establish a scholarship in your name to support one youth with a scholarship for one year, helping them move towards their goal of a post-secondary degree and a better future.
  • A gift of $2,300 to create urgently needed bursaries
  • A gift of $2,300 to support Graduation Awards (between $500 – $2,000 per youth) giving youth incentive to complete their post-secondary program by providing financial assistance with repayment of student loans and recognition for their success