Pay It Forward: Unlock $20 Today to Create a Brighter Tomorrow

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When people come together and commit to making change – even a small one – a better world can be created. Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada has been entrusted with a generous $100,000 donation from the KARE Foundation. The KARE Foundation is a non-profit organization that is committed to supporting children and families within the child welfare system, and has recognized our dedication to enhancing the well-being and futures of children and families in vulnerable situations.

We need your help to unlock this incredibly generous gift so we can support children and youth in child welfare. Become an important part of our community by making a choice to allocate $20 to mental health, education or the creation of safe homes and pay it forward for children and youth*.  

By joining our Pay It Forward campaign, you will become an essential part of a collective effort to provide crucial support for children and youth where it’s needed the most.

What is Pay It Forward?

Pay It Forward is more than just a campaign; it’s a movement of compassion and collective impact. Your choice, when combined with others, becomes a force for good, supporting children and youth who have experienced the child welfare system by unlocking a total of $100,000. The power is in your hands to choose how $20 helps—whether it’s to support children and youth through mental health, education of preventative supports. 

Make your choice: Mental Health, Education or Safe Homes

Mental health, education and safe homes are the cornerstones of the Foundation’s work, creating stability for all three of our priority populations: children and families at-risk of entering child welfare, children and youth involved in care, and youth transitioning out of care. By choosing one of these three areas, you’ll be providing important support to the communities we serve. Learn more about your options below!

Mental Health: Data indicates that exposure to trauma is almost universal amongst children and youth in the child welfare system. Your choice can pave the way for therapy, self-care, medication, and more by unlocking $20. By investing in mental health, you contribute to the emotional well-being of children and youth, helping build a foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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Education: Education plays a critical role in helping children and youth from care break the cycles of intergenerational trauma and empowers them to create meaningful, independent lives. Data from the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies shows that children from the child welfare system have a less than 50% chance of completing high school in Ontario. If education resonates with you, your choice can open doors to tutoring, scholarships, and essential educational support. Join us in crafting opportunities that leave a lasting imprint on the lives of young people in and from care.

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Safe Homes: A safe and stable home environment is  fundamental to the well-being of children. Growing up in safe homes instills confidence, builds self-esteem and enables healthy development in children. Choosing safe homes means contributing to stability for families by providing child care support, counseling, and more. Together, let’s ensure every family has a safe and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

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How to Pay It Forward:

It’s simple! Visit our website and choose the area that resonates with you. Your choice will unlock $20 of the KARE Foundation’s gift*. combined with the contributions of others, will create ripples of positive change. Be a part of a community that cares deeply about the well-being of children and youth involved in child welfare.

“The KARE Foundation is proud to be partnering with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada on this innovative campaign,” said Mary from the KARE Foundation. “Every child deserves to grow up in safe homes, have access to quality education and receive mental health support. Through our donation, we hope to create awareness about the barriers faced by youth in care and enhance their overall well-being, empowering them to pursue their dreams with confidence.”

Help us reach our goal of unlocking $100,000! Share this blog on social media and tag @cafdn across all channels. Our collective action will make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

*The KARE Foundation will match each choice made by a unique, new user with a $20 donation, up to a total of $100,000 CAD.