Introducing the WonderKit: A gift that gives youth leaving government care a chance to soar!

Introducing the WonderKit

Every year, thousands of young people across Canada leave government care. When a young person turns 18 or 19 years old (depending on the province), they are no longer eligible for the type of support they received while living in foster care or group homes. Although there are some continued supports that exist in certain provinces, there is very little provided for them and often they are left to find their own way in a world that can be difficult to navigate. 

These young adults are often without the support of a family, without stable employment, without an education, and often they don’t have a support network of any kind. For many, these significant challenges are made worse by the ongoing impacts of childhood trauma while feeling isolated, alone and unprepared to manage life on their own. Too many young people who leave the care of the child welfare system are unable to find the stability they need to build successful, happy lives.

There is a great need. That’s why we’ve created the WonderKit, and why we are turning to our incredible community of supporters for help. 

The WonderKit is designed to show these young folks that they aren’t alone. That they do have support. That you believe in their hopes and dreams, and are ready to empower them to pursue successful, happy lives. 

We are determined, with your help, to gift 1,000 WonderKits at $25 each by March 31st, 2023. Reaching this goal means we will be able to provide $25,000 of additional support, encouraging a life of possibility for these kids. 

The WonderKit is a gift filled with items youth who are leaving government care need in order to live independently with confidence. The kind of stuff that we ensure our kids have when they leave home for the first time in pursuit of their dreams, such as: 

✅ Backpacks, reusable shopping bags, travel bags, moving boxes
✅ Educational support like tutoring, school supplies, scholarships, and text books
✅ Financial literacy education and support
✅ Pots and pans, cooking classes, meal kits, cookbooks, utensils
✅ Transit passes, bus tickets
✅ Self-care tools like art supplies, journals, books, pens
✅ Mental Health supports
✅ Assistance in finding housing and navigating rental agreements
✅ Blankets, pillows, towels and face cloths
✅ Winter jackets and boots
✅ Pet supplies
✅ Gift cards for grocery stores and clothing stores
✅ And so much more!

The WonderKit is a way of providing support, so young adults leaving government care can focus on building a future for themselves.

By coming together as a community and providing WonderKits, we are showing these young adults that they don’t have to feel isolated and alone. We are telling them, with the right support they can feel prepared to manage, and even thrive in a life on their own – giving way for these promising kids to focus on their dreams, go back to school, learn to cook their favorite meal, grow their talents, and focus on healing from the trauma of their past while looking ahead optimistically at a wonderful future. 

Update: With the support of our generous community, we were able to raise enough to fund 600+ WonderKits!