Fill a WonderKit to support children and families this holiday season

Give a WonderKit

A new way to support children, youth and families this holiday season: Introducing the WonderKit Shop

Earlier this year, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada unveiled the WonderKit, a symbolic package designed to offer vital support to children, youth and families navigating the complexities of the child welfare system. The positive response we received was truly heartening, and we’ve been hard at work enhancing the WonderKit just in time for the holiday season!

Step into our new Holiday WonderKit Shop, where you can now personalize a WonderKit by choosing from our curated gallery of gift options specifically tailored to address the unique needs of young people currently in care or transitioning out of care. A WonderKit can include thoughtful gifts such as toys for children, warm winter clothing, student backpacks, and more. But it doesn’t stop there – at checkout, you’ll have the special option to send a personalized eCard to a loved one, informing them of the impactful gift you’ve made in their honour. Providing a WonderKit for someone in need is a powerful way to let a young person know they are not alone this holiday season.

Every contribution made through the WonderKit is not just a gift; it’s a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation, and if you donate before December 31st, 2023, your generosity will be doubled thanks to the generosity of our donor, the KARE Foundation*. 

How do I create a WonderKit?

  1. Visit our WonderKit Shop
  2. Browse and add your picks to a WonderKit, such as:
    1. Student Backpack for $75
    2. Mental Health Support for $100
    3. Send a Kid to Camp for $500
  3. Check out 
  4. Fill out your eCard information, if you’d like to donate a WonderKit in honour of a friend or loved one
  5. Celebrate that you’ve supported a child, young person or family involved in child welfare

The WonderKit presents a unique opportunity for you to contribute something deeply meaningful to children and youth navigating the challenges of the child welfare system. Creating a WonderKit for someone else allows you to offer more than a mere present; it’s about providing a symbolic gift that holds significant value. The gifts in our WonderKit holiday shop are symbolic and represent resources, services or support for programs and funds provided by Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and our partners. This ensures targeted assistance for those navigating the complexities of child welfare. 

youth holding books with backpack


More ways you can help! 

In addition to shopping at our holiday shop, you can further support children, youth and families in these ways: 

    1. Donate: Make a donation to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada to help remove barriers for children and youth involved in child welfare, and encourage a better tomorrow. 
    2. Fundraise: Organize your own fundraiser with friends and family to rally support and resources.
    3. Download our new FREE e-cookbook “A Safe Plate”: Recipes and Stories of Young People from Child Welfare.
    4. Download our new, free children’s book “Something in Common”: A children’s e-book created in partnership with Tsehay from The Wiggles and young people in and from government care.