Allies in Action: Fundraising During COVID-19

Two hands holding change and a piece of paper that says make a change

Over the last few months, we have seen some incredible fundraising events started by dedicated members of our community in support of our COVID-19 Crisis Support Fund. These groups and individuals have taken it upon themselves to raise funds to support vulnerable Canadian youth who have aged out of the child welfare system and are experiencing heightened, pre-existing feelings of fear, isolation and anxiety during the pandemic. Many of these young people are also facing financial difficulties due to job loss or being ineligible for government funding that are preventing them from having even their most basic needs met.

We are so grateful for the efforts of these fundraisers and couldn’t be more impressed by the time and creativity being put in! So far we’ve seen our community members raise money through events such as virtual birthday parties, Instagram Live haircuts, virtual concerts, film screenings, group workouts, magic shows, socially distanced community runs, and more. We have also had supporters raise funds through the sale of handmade gift items, art, cookbooks, and even music.

For six-year-old piano player Max, hosting an Instagram Live concert to benefit the Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Support Fund was the perfect way for him to give back to his community.

I explained to Max many of these young people have no place to live, no money for clothes and food. He said, ‘If people give me money to play, can I give it to those kids?’

Max’s mom on the motivation behind their fundraiser event.

The funds raised for our COVID-19 Crisis Support Fund will support youth who have aged out of care so they are better equipped to have their basic needs met. From groceries, to costs for safe housing, to accessing critical mental health supports like counselling and therapy, every dollar raised for this fund is making a difference in the lives of these young people during this especially difficult time.

Thank you to all of our amazing fundraising teams and individuals for standing up for Canada’s most vulnerable youth!

We love hearing about Stand Up for Kids allies making a difference in their communities and supporting children and youth in and from child welfare! Contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Emily or be sure to tag us on social media (@cafdn) to share your fundraising story.