Transforming Lives: Brittany’s Journey as an Advocate for Transitioning Children in Care


Brittany is a mother and a dedicated advocate for children and youth in government care and a proud member of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada Young People’s Advisory Council. Her passion lies in advocating for young people in foster care and striving to reduce the harm and trauma associated with the child welfare system.

At the age of six, Brittany entered foster care alongside her younger brother. After multiple placements, she found a loving foster family who became her own. This experience felt like a precious gift, providing her with the opportunity to be someone’s daughter. However, the heartbreak came when she was separated from her foster family and her brother. Seeking solace and comfort, Brittany would find refuge in a closet, where the four walls offered her a brief respite.

Through it all, I never stopped thinking about my brother and praying he was okay.

As she approached the age of 18, she grappled with the fear of aging out of the system and facing the challenges of the real world. With the support of resources from Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, Brittany was able to navigate this transition period. Programs like Connections which help connect youth who are transitioning out of care to different mental health resources played a crucial role in connecting her to vital resources for her survival.

I think the biggest thing that the Connections program has done for me would be therapy. Therapy has honestly changed my life. I think that as a former foster youth, we’ve experienced so much trauma in life.

“My husband, he’s also a former foster youth, and we’ve both had very different experiences in the child welfare system. And without that therapy, I don’t even think I’d be able to have a normal, healthy relationship because before that, I didn’t even love myself. I do feel that I’m worthy of love and respect,” she says.

Now as an adult, Brittany works tirelessly to empower young people who have experienced care, helping them move forward and embrace their lives. As a mother to a young daughter, she is determined to break the cycle and ensure that her children never have to endure the hardships she faced.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for the life experiences I’ve had. My success may not look like everyone else’s. But I’m not everyone else.