From Care to Community: How Embracing My 2SLGBTQI+ Identity Gave Me A Sense of Belonging

Photo of Vivian with a background of buildings

As a teenager, figuring out your identity can be a difficult and sometimes scary process. For teenagers growing up in care, particularly those who identify as 2SLGBTQI+, it is often an overwhelming experience.   

Photo of Vivian wearing a tshirt that says "Sounds gay, I'm in"


For Vivian, who re-entered care at 14 years of age, it added another layer of confusion to the already complicated circumstances she found herself in.  

“I didn’t really have a solid base of who I was. I was trying to figure out if I liked girls, what that meant and and if I could love myself for feeling and thinking these things. It was really confusing, so I felt like I hid that a lot because I didn’t have anyone else to look up to at that time. It was really difficult and incredibly overwhelming.” 

As she got older, she eventually found her community – a group of like-minded friends who helped her find her sense of belonging.  

“Along the way, I found a core group of friends who were finding their footing and comfortability in being queer as well. Hearing their experiences helped me form my own perceptions of feeling like I’m worthy and there’s nothing wrong with me. Having that kind of support system just means so much, especially when you’re younger.

For anyone who’s trying to figure out who they are, know that you’re worthy no matter what anyone else says or feels about you. You’re not broken and you’re going to meet people that care about you and support your journey in finding yourself.”

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