Virtual and Live Fundraising Ideas

Child sitting in front of two keyboards in a sports arena looking back over their shoulder

Max Keys, 9 -year old piano player, singer, painter, and Foundation fundraiser playing the organ at a Maple Leafs game

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Teddy Bear Adventure

Get outside with colleagues, friends or family for a walk, a bike ride, a BBQ… or a teddy bear adventure of your choice! Post a photo of your adventure on social media (including a teddy bear in the photo is optional!) and use #TeddyBearAdventure #StandUpForKidsCanada. Make a donation to the Foundation’s Teddy Bear Fund, then challenge others to do the same.

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Teddy Bear Fund responds to the critical needs of children, youth and families experiencing child welfare, with a focus on initiatives that strengthen families and prevent children from growing up in government care. Learn more about the Teddy Bear Fund.

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Stand Up for Kids Bingo

Play virtual Stand Up for Kids BINGO and raise funds to help improve the lives of children and youth involved with the child welfare system! Stand Up for Kids BINGO can be played individually or as a group. Use our customized BINGO scorecard and a personalized donation page to fundraise your way to “BINGO”. Play for a “line”, two “lines” or even a full scorecard of donations.

This is a great option for virtual fundraising! Post your Stand Up for Kids BINGO scorecard to your Instagram and Facebook Stories, marking it up with emojis or stickers to show the donations you’ve received.

Stand Up for Kids BINGO Scorecard Download PNG
Stand Up for Kids BINGO Scorecard Download PDF
Step-by-step guide Download PDF

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Garbage Bag Challenge

A child living in foster care will move an average of five times, and a garbage bag is often the only available means for transporting their belongings.

You can help raise funds and awareness for kids in care by swapping your backpack, briefcase, or purse for a garbage bag for a day and encouraging your network to donate to your personalized donation page. This challenge is perfect for students who have a desire to create positive social impact and has been approved for five community service hours.

You can also create a digital version of this challenge by changing your social media profile picture to an image of a garbage bag and sharing the important reason why with your followers. Don’t forget to ask for their support and link to your donation page! Tag us @cafdn and use #garbagebagchallenge on Instagram.

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